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a second, or ten years later
This Is Fake DIY
By Luisa Mateus

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[album] Sailplanes – A Second, or ten years later…

Label: Redheaded Stepchild Records
Release Date: 06/06/2007

‘We don’t release records, and we don’t put on shows’! Personally, we’d like Sailplanes’ label, Redheaded Stepchild, to come with the tagline ‘We do release records, but we don’t put on shoes’ but the world is a harsh place. Luckily, they have released a record; it may be their only record to speak of, with the label being a moniker for the Lan-dan three piece.

Clocking in at under 18 minutes, there is no doubt that there is an art school pretension here, where ‘pop’ is nothing but a debacle of tastelessness that interferes with meaningful art. We’re thinking Andy Warhol is probably none too popular with the Sailplanes! Comparisons to the experimental art/post-rockers Sonic Youth are inevitable, but to equate them swiftly to a Sonic Youth knock off would do them a disservice. Y’see, Sailplanes math is quite good; inhabiting a post-Brit-Pop, post-indie scene, where shoegaze is gleefully simmering under the capital’s surface. In short, these days releasing a record yourself is not the matricide it used to be; with the domination of myspace etcetera, there’s never been a better time for bands to reach audiences themselves without looking too much like amateurs with daddy’s credit card.

‘Violent Storm’ sounds like Justine Frischmann battling with Sylvia Plath pretensions; Indifference is ‘Brett Anderson’ jamming with Youth Movies; for fans of obscurer indie and experimental sound, there is little to fault with this album; it’s one of those little indie gems you sometimes get. Just the sometimes like. Sailplanes we salute you!

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