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a second, or ten years later
Russell's Reviews
By Russell Barker

Just before they disappear off to Berlin, Sailplanes drop off their debut album 'A Second, Or Ten Years Later'. And a damn fine parting shot it is too.

It kicks off with the short sharp shock of 'Strangers' with its insistent short drum attacks, before launching into the even shorter instrumental 'Rhetoric' that goes skreeeeee! The forceful melody and jagged Stump sounds of 'Violent Storm' follow, before the more straight forward rattling indie pop of 'Indifference' and the chippy and abrasive Stacey sung 'A Knife, A Camera And A Bang'.

'Photograph The Past' proves the album's highpoint, skulking in and ushering in a sinister female talky bit before there's a rattle of scratchy guitar. Back and forward the song goes, alternating between the scratchiness and talking before the guitars explode, Tim desperately singing as the guitars clatter against him.