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a second, or ten years later
Robots & Electronic Brains
By Greville Wizzard

The Sailplanes two tangled guitars, monstrous drums, no bass, male/female vocals make the jump here from art band with potential to real contenders. With this album, they've evolved from being "interesting" (a double-edged word that) to something genuinely arresting. Pristine but intricate: a difficult balance, yet here it is, fuzzy/lucid, baroque/austere, harsh/pretty. They blast out non-conventional chords and guitar figures less like riffs than flowing thoughts. Still, they never bludgeon; even at its most brutal everything's balanced, sinuous. An unshowy mastery of empathetic guitar-lines lends depth and variety to the rawness: shattering echoes, sinister decayed sputterings, plaintive refrains. Standout track Photograph The Past trades boy-girl vocals, impassioned but deadpan and spitting complex lyrics. It builds, seethes with activity, a viola arcs across the sooty murk; then it all goes BANG. Imagine a more luminous, less drippy version of Loveless... Actually don't, it's nothing like that at all. Every song's succinct, potently concentrated, and the whole brief explosion leaves you wondering what just hit you. A hit of the Real Stuff, in fact.