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I Shot The Deputy
By Tom Leins

The kids still just wanna fuck and fight in the basement…

The Sailplanes are three alt.rock dervishes from London who came together earlier this year - intent on crafting songs that celebrate the “beauty of economy”. The ‘Swoosh’ EP is a great start - managing to sound both raw and composed at the same time. The Kills pretty-boy/girl-mess is a useful reference point, but The Sailplanes own ‘dark love and a sick beat’ is much more abrasive. ‘I See You Walk’ sounds like a young Polly Jean swooning over scattershot bursts of noise. ‘Wolf At The Door’ is a tiny dollop of latter-day Radiohead glitch-tronica. ‘Indifference’ is a fuzzily-literate lo-fi art-rock racket that out-Sonic Youths Sonic Youth. (+ Just for good measure, they hurl a Sleater-Kinney cover into the mix, too- which is most definitely a good thing.)

Mainline The Sailplanes – their subtle charms will fry your little brains!