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Season of False Dawns
By Chris Watson

Sit up and take notice as the Sail Planes provide an impressive batch of new songs that will knock the wind out the scensters sails. Refreshingly new, the sailplanes provide an innocent pure form to their art rock form. ‘I see you walk’ is calmly frantic all the way through. There are immense lyrics and tenacious vocals from Stacey Hine ‘insufficient funds, insufficient pay, run baby run you gotta hide’ fantastic punch the air stuff.

‘Indifference’ impresses this time with Tim Webster taking his turn on the vocals. ‘Setting stone perfect after glow’ are mesmerising and even epic, the music so far is refreshingly uplifting with some slight reference to British Sea Power, that same kind of eerie but rampant captivating style.

Straight out of the traps comes ‘Gulf of Finland’ which will have the hip kids jumping, raging guitars provide quality to this track. It would be too easy to compare to The Subways but there seems to be something more magical, a unique bond at least.

‘The Intoxicated Song’ provides a bit more variety with eclipsing guitar backgrounds as Hine calmly but bewitchingly sings ‘ the inner city’s burning and your alone’ great stuff.

The mini album gets even better with a flourishing finish of ‘10th August’ Tim Webster singing with even more Sea Power reference, a massive compliment.

The Sail Planes are impressive with both Hine and Webster taking turns providing excellent variety to their well crafted songs. Pure brilliance - a must see.,review&id=1574