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Books About Cities
To Hell With...
By Sean

the last time i checked, “start together” by sleater-kinney was the best song ever. now let me see…. yup, still hovering up there ominously around that spot

so it gives me great pleasure to tell you that the sailplanes have kind of morphed the best bits of that tune with some intricate sonic youth-type stuff and made a sound that instantly makes me want to proclaim them as this years most promising new band

of course, that’s just “sideways on”, the ep’s opener; it gets even better after that. “books about cities” sounds like early seafood thrashing it out with a shouty girl band; “black cheroot” is one hell of a fucked up thrashing out of alt-rock ideas; and “doom one” is undoubtedly the lost closing track to trail of dead’s “madonna”

which adding up the points, means that the sailplanes are now probably the best band ever?

well, that’s probably a little rash in all truthfulness…

but give it a year and you never know….

18th january