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Busy [band] 22nd June 2006

This Saturday we're playing in Islington as a last minute thing- the gig was being promoted under some kind of 'art rock' tagline and looking at the bill I felt a sense of slight injustice that we'd not been asked to play. So... got in touch with the promoters and once they'd heard us we got the gig, yay!
Copy this into your address bar why dontcha:
This was of course the venue where [former band] played their last gig. Just recently, I read a bulletin [former bassist] had posted on myspace in which she claimed to "miss playing live terribly" as last year she'd played live "about twice a week" with said band. This made me chortle. Revisionism is great, but let's remember that this was the girl who suggested that one show a month was a bit much for her hectic social schedule. Potato fuckin' roffles!Lol.
On former bassists, I'd just finished having my nose examined at Barnet General today when who should I see but Leon, walking down to the bus stop by Ravenscroft Park. So I gave him a lift home and had quite a pleasant chat on the way. He often bugged the hell outta me while I was in a band with him, and doubtless I him, but it seems age and experience have mellowed the guy.

Other schnews, [band] are also headlining the not trendy but full of tourists Metro club next Saturday and the highly trendy, full of lovely scenesters with nice smelling hair Spreadeagle in Shoreditch on Sunday. Then recording on Monday and Tuesday.

**UPDATE** We postponed the Shoreditch show... new details soon!

"Sarah's mum is so cool."
"Good for her"


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