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Where am I? 12th July 2006

I'm in the fucking owl!

It's been a very busy week. Been putting together the artwork for [band's] new record, all the while listening to the 4 tracks, 11 minutes over and over again. It's very good, likely better than anything your band is capable of, unless your band is listed down there on the right, or is Shellac or something. I'm always overly critical though, like the octaved effect on the first song should have been doubled and delayed for full-on ghost train effect, and the final song should really completely disintegrate into a violent uncomfortable squall like that 'wilde jagd' painting.
Popped down to 'The @Club' in Finsbury Park on Saturday to check out Ian's band. Was reminded how generally rubbish clubs that play commercial dance music are (this was late 90s Ibiza cheese, not the banging techno Dave's into).
Stacey cooked me a butternut squash curry on Sunday while I listed my blue Jazzmaster on ebay. She's awesome, I love her.
I listed a couple of white witch hats too, at a stupid price because I don't really want to sell them.

My intermediate German course arrived yesterday. 6 CDs and a book for Â13 from Amazon is a bargain. Just brushing-up/advancing my German skills in readiness for the day that I've finally had enough of this city/country.


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