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Silver Rocket and Oxford [band] 21st August 2006

Stacey and I went to Silver Rocket night at the Buffalo Bars on Friday. Excellent set by the first band (in fact they're almost embarrassingly better than any other live band I've seen recently) followed by three mediocre sets by, in turn: a droney noisescape band who featured no bassist but instead hammered away at a cheap telecaster exactly like it was a bass; a raggle-taggle artrock mishmash featuring a promoter from the Bull & Gate; and lastly a band from Glasgow who left no lasting impression on me at all other than that they were slightly better than the preceeding two groups. I left with mixed feelings, as I'm certain [band] would suit this night perfectly, and the promoters obviously don't have entirely bad taste, so I guess we'll just persevere until they relent and acknowledge we exist.

[band] played our first show in over a month yesterday in Oxford. I'm pretty sure the gig went well, although it's difficult to tell as we're the sort of band which will always divide opinion. What was unusual was that during the bands (particularly the first) half the audience took it upon themselves to sit cross-legged on the floor in front of the stage, causing a queue for attendees to back-up down the stairs and crane their necks for a view. We played with Storoway and Foxes. The former I was unable to watch because of the aforementioned bodies on the floor, but the latter ably played the sort of ramshackle jaunty, quirky pop that is really starting to bore me.
Technophiles will be keen to note than in a bid to sharpen-up our live sound, Stacey has been trying one of my Hagstrom IIIs, and I've switched to the Tele until my Electrical Guitar Co beast arrives.


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