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MXR distortion plus kit from 19th July 2008

I finished this distortion pedal this afternoon (I'd soldered the PCB a couple of days ago, which took about 2 hours). Total construction time, approx 6 hours. Drilling the enclosure was the most difficult bit, as all the drill bits have been comprehensively blunted by someone drilling metal pedal enclosures in the past. The MXR dist + is a brilliant transparent-sounding distortion, with a medium amount of gain, that preserves the nuances and clarity of your playing. This kit sounds like my old block-logo one, but the Dunlop reissue is also very good no matter what some people might say on teh internets.
The kit, which I heartily recommend, is only €19 from here. Add a box for a bit more. The enigmatic black box is €10, but I think it's worth it.


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