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Musima Eterna with heavily decayed pickguard 19th April 2017

Are Freekish Blues Alpha Drive pedals just repainted + gooped Joyo pedals? 17th June 2011

A second Musima Elgita 24th April 2011

Three cascaded MXR Distortion Plus circuits in one pedal 31st January 2010

Musima Elgita wiring diagram schematic circuit 15th August 2009

Fredric Effects Telstar demo 16th May 2009

Fascinating article on Travis Bean guitars 12th March 2009

Runaway tele project 24th February 2009

Fredric Effects Utility Perkolator 15th February 2009

Scumbag Hagstrom II rebuild, fin! 31st January 2009

Interfax Harmonic Percolator stripboard layout 23rd October 2008

Green Russian Big Muff, only smaller 17th October 2008

Fredric Pedalwerks prototype 6th October 2008

New pedal adventures 11th September 2008

Mixer rehouse, more black boxes 27th August 2008

MXR distortion plus kit from 19th July 2008

1976 Hagstrom Scandi 3rd July 2008

Hagstrom Viking I pickup adventures 17th May 2008

Dessau, Weimar, Markneukirchen, Dresden drive 2nd March 2008

I'd be lost without my furry alarm clock 22nd October 2006

Silver Rocket and Oxford [band] 21st August 2006

Holidays, guitar 23rd July 2006

Electrical Guitar Company custom 500 17th July 2006

Moved in, Oxford gig, things 4th May 2006


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