Juliette and the Licks

Kirsten Banks 14/11/2006

Tonight Juliette Lewis proved herself a woman of many talents. Unlike her Hollywood actor turned rock-star-wannabe contemporaries (Minnie Driver anyone?), Juliette took to the stage every part the bona-fide rock chick. Once the hysterical screams from the crowd had died down and the Juliette look-a-likeys in the front row had re-adjusted their feathered headbands, the Licks began their hour and a half set of pure rock shenanigans, delivering song after song of sweat-inducing rock and roll bliss.

A killer concoction of songs from both of The Licks' albums were played, crowd pleasers such as 'You're Speaking my Language Baby' and 'Hot Kiss' were enthusiastically received by the audience, who for the most part, (guys and girls there just to see 'that fit girl' from Natural Born Killer excluded) sang along word perfectly. Musically the band was on top form, delivering the same energy and excitement heard on the records. The band paused for a quick breather half way through the set, performing the ballad-like 'This I Know', which, despite its slightly Spinal-Tap quality, was eagerly welcomed by the audience who by this time were on the brink of dehydration. Despite the desperate need for a hospital bed and a drip, the audience remained hypnotised by the band, not relenting until they had come back on for an encore.

Juliette and The Licks left the stage to the same, if not crazier, reception with which they arrived. Hysteria at the merchandise stand ensued, as punters fought over the last few remaining t-shirts, maybe still buzzing a little too much from their Juliette-high. Although Juliette and The Licks aren't exactly doing anything ground-breaking, they are a great rock band nonetheless, and if a good old-fashioned night of unadulterated rock is what you are after then they are not to be missed.