Marianne Foxx 08/12/2006

When you look at the three members of Bliszko you don't know what to expect. Their 'image' doesn't give anything away which adds to the charm of this ambiguous three piece. As soon as their set is underway you realise why… it isn't like anything else on the scene, and you get the sense this pioneering band don't seem to know how special they are.

They have the right blend of melody and mystery to their songs, adding to their sustainability; you know that if you got to take a CD home it would grow and grow on you. It is a sound difficult to compare to any modern bands but if I had to divulge, I would liken it to the passion of Skunk Anansie blended with the rawness of Hole and the intelligence and maturity of Placebo. It is dark, it is sweet, it is passionate and fulfilling all at the same time. Bliszko take you on a journey as their set progresses you can't help but fall in love with them.

The band clearly adore what they do and it shows, from the front woman's onstage antics (how does someone who must have such small lungs make that much noise?!) to the passion of the drummer, smacking the cymbals in what can only be described as a blur of metal and teeth. The bassist performs it calm and cool which is how he plays: it is another unintentional lure in the Bliszko camp as his pace and ability surpass the outward show of effort.

Bliszko, throughout the set, look like they are playing as if their lives depended on it, whilst at the same time manage to make the whole thing seem like the most natural thing in the world. It all works quite well and you can't take your eyes off the dinky diva up front. Anna Williams is feisty, foxy, emotionally intoxicating - the performance is passionate and mesmerising, making Bliszko's raw and powerful vibe a must see extravaganza that will reel you in and leave you wanting more.

They release their single next year but check out their website at in the meantime and catch them at the Hornblower in Newport on the 12th January or at Clwb Ifor Bach in Cardiff Jan 19th - if you are adding gig dates to your calendar for next year make sure you add these…one to watch out for and highly recommended!