The Killers

Fiona Doran 27/11/2006

The hype surrounding the Killers UK tour was remarkable. With tickets selling out in minutes, desperate fans could be found on eBay paying into the hundreds for a pair. The long awaited second album Sam's Town had received mixed reviews but as Brixton Academy started to fill up, the excited crowd's anticipation began to grow.

They did not disappoint. With a set decorated with fairy lights, colourful bunting and a Las Vegas-style sign bearing the name 'Sam's Town', and Brandon Flowers wearing an outfit that resembled an old style ringmaster, it was obvious something special was about to happen.

'Sam's Town' was the booming opener and the dazzling lights had everybody screaming for more. The first single release from their new album, the epic 'When You Were Young' had the crowd singing joyously along and were surprised that they used one of their biggest hits in 'Somebody Told Me' to follow it so early on in the set, but there was not much time for discussion as they launched into another hit, 'Smile Like You Mean It'.

The pace was pretty consistent throughout, only stopping for the slower tracks, including the anthem 'Glamorous Indie Rock & Roll'. Of course the highlight of the night had to be the fans' favourite 'Mr Brightside', which had the walls of Brixton shaking with the singing fans, jumping to its frantic indie beat. It was an amazing night, although it seemed to be over all too quickly, and I heard other fans saying the same as we exited the venue. They may have their critics but The Killers have proved that they are class live act, and can put on a real show when required.