Tims Brother

Benjamin Short 27/12/2006

Tonight's post-Chrimbo festivities begin with the stateside acoustricity of an anonymous Tennessee troubadour, followed by another nondescript singer-songwriter. Moving swiftly on, the main attraction takes to the stage. His name is Adam. His brother is called Tim. Ergo Tim's brother. A simple moniker for such a complex artist. With just an acoustic, a laptop and an overhead projector, this lo-fi multimedia magician is far more than the sum of his parts. He sings loud and proud, in regional tones as broad as a ship canal. His sardonic lyrics reinterpret playground taunts (“My dad's harder than your dad / I bet I can run faster than you can”). In the background, Ronald McDonald rides an atom bomb. Chavs procreate Like Russian Dolls. The Nestlé logo looms large. Somewhere, impossible to decipher, is a deep seated socio-political message. 'Waiting For This Country To Change' and 'Fugitives and Refugees' are the major highlights of a set littered with minor highlights.

Of course there are more bands showcased tonight. Other bands still to come. But no longer are they of any importance. Step aside, Badly Drawn Boy, there's a new shambolic Mancunian songsmith on the scene. So what's next for Tim's brother? Rumours of Kid Carpet support slots and other such moments of glory. Remember where you heard him first…