The Hedrons

Fiona Doran 22/01/2007

Ok, now I know you shouldn't really take first impressions too seriously when it comes to music, but there was something ever so reminiscent of being in school assembly and watching the more musically inclined students perform for you when The Hedrons took to the stage.
With the Joiners barely half full, (I should also point out that half of these people also seemed to be there for the support bands, including mums and dads) there wasn't much of an atmosphere, bar two rather excitable fans at the front, who, and I know this from their immediate comments on The Hedrons MySpace page after the gig, LOVE the Hedrons.

As a group, they just didn't seem very together. Yes they can all play their instruments well, and had a good sense of timing, but moments where the lead singer sings to a fellow band mate with little facial expression in return were just plain odd. Songs such as 'Heatseeker' and 'Couldn't leave her alone' did go down quite well, but to sum it up with what I heard a guy behind me say, “They are alright, but I wouldn't choose to listen to them."

They may have a few good songs behind them, and they might write a few more, but they lack a certain 'Je ne sais quoi'. I gave them another listen after the gig just to be sure how I felt, and I definitely prefer to listen to them like this. The lead singers penchant for flailing about that rock and roll standard, the limp wrist, and the other band members lacklustre stage presence just didn't translate well live, and took away from their overall performance. Too many weak links meant The Hedrons just didn't turn out to be as good as I thought they would be.