Biffy Clyro

Tom Senior 26/01/2007

“Look into my eyes/ You can see I'm many different people”

Yes, that's right kids, Team Biffy are back and this time they are headlining the dizzying heights of the Kerrang Tour 2007, and tonight they seem to have a little bit of something for everyone. The indie kids, the emos, the goths… they're all out in full force and they're all here to see one band.

The support bands are awful and, after what seems like an eternity, Biffy finally take to the stage at around quarter to nine. They storm through their recent single 'semi-mental', which already sounds like a classic they've been playing for years. New single 'Saturday Superhouse' also goes down well, but it's 'Get Fucked, Stud' that really sounds like the strongest new track, with its Jekyll and Hyde structure, and just downright catchy verses.

It's clear that Biffy are on form tonight. They've been playing together since '97 and the tightness of the three-piece really shows. Simon Neil's guitar work is impressive, but it's the band's ridiculously solid rhythm section that really shines tonight. The Johnston twins are the throbbing backbone of Biffy Clyro, and, quite simply, they really fucking rock.

First album anthem '57' is played mid-set, further proof of the quality of songs they now have in their arsenal, and the whole place goes (semi) mental when 'Glitter and Trauma' is played in the encore. They round off an amazing night with 'There's No Such Thing As A Jaggy Snake', and the band look unstoppable in their (admittedly slow) quest for rock world domination.

Maybe this year is when Biffy Clyro will truly become the huge band that they have the potential to be, or maybe it won't. 2004's Infinity Land failed to win the band mainstream attention and, if we're being honest, forthcoming album Puzzle probably won't chart all that well either. But when a band is this great, who cares?