Wolf & Cub, Harmacy, Grammatics, The Touch - Bad Dream

Anne-Marie Douglas 28/02/2007

Brought to us by local music fanzine 'Mono' and gig/ club night 'Granadaland', there is a buzz about the town: for tonight, most people are feeling bloody lucky to see Wolf & Cub in such an intimate venue.

The night begins with Bradford band The Touch playing to a somewhat muted crowd. Having recently won a place on Leeds-based grant scheme 'Bright Young Things', they are featured on said compilation CD and have newly recorded tracks and a video due imminently. Entertaining and likeable characters, The Touch offered a familiar blend of bluesy vintage rock with the occasional gem of psychedelia thrown in and with an explosive crescendo of an ending to their set, they left an audible mark on the Loveapple tonight.

You could be forgiven for thinking that Leeds based Grammatics may be all style over substance; pretty boys and girl with haircuts. This could not be further from the truth; they look good, and they sound good. Their music is diverse and innovative, each song is unpredictable, having drums, cello, guitar, bass and organ, and with stunning vocals, this is an intriguing and interesting sound, you never quite know what is next to come and you are left wanting more. While Grammatics look, at times, professionally bored during their performance, they do carry this off with effortless confidence and style. There is much more to come from this band…they don't need to throw keyboards around to be memorable, their music spoke volumes of their potential. Grammatics' 'The Shipping Forecast' is featured on Leeds label Dance to the Radio's third compilation CD 'Something I Learned Today', released 2nd April 2007.

Bradford three-piece Harmancy are described as laid back slack n roll, their sound being compared to Pavement; Lemonheads; Weezer and Nirvana a la Heart Shaped Box.
Their talent lies in their ability to write inspired and intelligent lyrics along with catchy melodies, focusing on girls, love and loss, these are delivered in a deadpan, at times tongue in cheek manner, sometimes sad, sometimes uplifting, much like life really. Harmacy have turned the night around, and created a buzz of anticipation amongst the growing crowd. Highlights were the livelier 'Girl from Chile' and most recent track 'Pet Hate'. It was obvious Harmacy enjoyed playing this gig and the crowd reciprocated, they make lethargy look like perfection, there's an art to that you know. Harmacy's debut single 'Carla's Song' is available on the Monotones label.

Australian band Wolf & Cub open with an astounding noise emanating from guitar, bass and twin (yes twin) drummers; having shared the stage with rock monsters such as Wolfmother, Queens of the Stone Age and The Killers, here is a band used to playing much larger venues; the Loveapple has never quite heard anything like it. Wolf & Cub are undeniably awesome live, a force to be reckoned with, oozing power and energy throughout. Their music is mesmerising, immense and anthemic, at times a psychedelic experience, I was pulled into their world, I got lost for a while, and I didn't want to come back. This was a night you didn't want to end, Wolf & Cub graced us with a mindblowing encore, and we still didn't want it to end. Wolf & Cub's debut album 'Vessels' is available via legendary label 4AD.