Fall Out Boy, Cobra Starship, Shiny Toy Guns

Ross Drummond 01/04/2007

Tonight, it's hard not to wonder that if there had not been such a turnaround in the way the pop charts were counted and how guitar-based bands became popular with the kids with pocket money, would the same crowd be here tonight in Brixton? Or would they be with the once kings of pop Westlife over at Wembley Arena.

The tipping point has occurred because a year ago there would have been far more emo kids here tonight. But, something happened; maybe Fall Out Boy became too mainstream and so those said kids had to stick it to the 'man' because unless I was waiting to see Westlife I wouldn't expect to be surrounded by so many of those Supermarket CD shoppers.

Shiny Toy Guns and Cobra Starship are crowd pleasers but it's just your average support band fodder. Shiny Toy Guns seem to be simply going through the motions, or maybe it's because they play with a click track that they seem to be so stuffy on stage. Cobra Starship are fun and frontman Gabe Saporta does a good job at warming up the crowd as well as apparently spraining his ankles... and who said rock n' roll was dead!

The set up tonight for Fall Out Boy was completed quickly and efficiently and would probably be the best way to summarize their performance, other reviews seem to say the same thing - that they tend to stick to what they know and you could see the same show anywhere in the world from these guys. For some that may be a downfall but it's a well rehearsed and good show that they provide, with plenty of Wentz's patented spins and Trohman's flips through the air. It's a lot of fun to watch and the set list wasn't just filler between the singles, which they got out of the way quite early in the set, sticking in some of the older hits from their first proper album 'Take This To Your Grave'.

Patrick Stump's vocals are something deserving of a mention too because they are really quite impressive, in a world of pro tools and pitch correction it's relieving to see someone with actual vocal talents and although at times it's a little 'Christina' vocal olympic-esque, we can sleep easy knowing that there are still people out there with a good set of pipes. Notable mention can go to Wentz's screaming antics which he should really let rip on record more too, though it might detract from their Box Fresh friendliness.

Whether it is the fact that they can conjure up more hooky choruses than Waterman and Co., or just the fact that Pete Wentz is the new teenage heartthrob of choice (especially with the posters the touts are selling post-gig) these 4 boys from Chicago are well on their way to mega stardom and making sure all those in attendance are gonna have fun along the way.

FallOut Boy

Shiny Toy Guns

Cobra Starship