Bonde Do Role, The Violets, Pre

Stas Werno 31/05/2007

Pre were good, the Violets weren't that good. I could spend more time thinking up clever metaphors to describe these performances a little more thoroughly (maybe next time, eh - Ed.), but to be honest, after mere minutes of Brazilian Baile Funk threesome Bonde Do Role's set nothing else that night really mattered. Who would have thought that all you need is a fat man on a sampler and two shouting lunatics to create the best party atmosphere since Satan's sweet 16th.

Despite an over-crowded, hot venue - a situation more than enough to turn your average gurning clubber in to a frowning one, Bonde really took heed and showed people how to enjoy themselves no matter how close they were to fainting. Jumping around the stage like fluoro jack-in-the-boxes whilst screaming over cut up electro versions of Alice In Chains, Daft Punk and (a personal favorite) the Grease soundtrack may sound pretty dreadful on paper, but when those deep pounding brazillian beats kick in and your inhibitions drop it doesn't take long to realise this is the most fun you've had in your life. See them as soon as you can, and leave your snobbery at the door.