Matt Churchill 09/10/2007

Rating: 4.5/5

Being perched on high like some sort of bird stuck in a particularly loud avery is not an experience that gigs usually offer. Being a fan of the sweat, blood, and god knows what else comfort of the stalls, being seated is not the usual domain that this intrepid gig goer would usually step into. This can of course have it's benefits - peering neatly into the VIP section, literally inches away, provides pre-gig entertainment, especially when half way through the first support act three blokes you swear you recognise disappear, only to re-appear on stage in front of you 10 minutes later. Note on this occasion a lesson learned: the tall well-built one is NOT singer's friend, but said singer's BASSIST.

Editors are a technically proficient outfit. Abrasive silver chords rub smoothly against lead singer Tom Smith's back archingly smooth vocals, around hypnotically challenged drums. For a live spectacle, seeing such musicianship there, live, is something that can be a disappointment; sloppiness abounds. Not however, this evening. Opening with the mercurial 'An End Has A Start', the band proceeded to mix and match songs from their debut album 'The Back Room' and their latest material to stunning effect. Songs like 'Blood' and 'The Weight Of The World' sat side by side without hesitation, causing mass singing from the assembled crowd.

A brilliant lights display supported super single 'Sparks', and 'The Racing Rats' had so much more life to it live than it does on the record, making you wonder how far away they were from capturing it in all it's splendour in the studio. Backed with Russ (bass) and Ed (drums) on vocals, the songs had a much grander feel than I was have initially expecting. The highlight was 'Smokers', the first single to be lifted from this sophomore album. A wonderous cacophony of noise and choir with a heart string yanking melody line and beautifully crafted lyrics, the song points at how Editors are looking to go supersonic and join the likes of Coldplay and U2 at the 'Big Band' table.

I was distressed to read in the London Metro that one fan had said “they were brilliant, but only have one chord”, or words to that effect. Was this fan watching the same show that I was?! Musically dynamic, lyrically spot on, Editors' live show is coming on leaps and bounds and with one more BIG song to lure in the masses. They'll be selling out stadia in no time.