Hundred Reasons

Fiona Doran 18/10/2007

Once aptly described as rock's bridesmaids, Surrey based Hundred Reasons have never quite reached the dizzying heights I personally believe they deserve. Despite having released four albums, including new addition Quick the Word, Sharp the Action, they're set to play the underdogs supporting post-hardcore new boys Enter Shikari on an upcoming UK tour.

As one of a few warm up shows before the impending support slot, The Works nightclub in Kingston isn't jam-packed - however, there is a definite sense of anticipation in the air. It's not the most obvious of venues - the stage being a small pit surrounded by the enormously tacky industry-themed space - but nevertheless Glaswegian support act The Xcerts do enough to raise the crowd. In future, however, I would advise the lead singer to refrain from foraying into the crowd with a megaphone - in a space such as this, it just doesn't work.

Hundred Reasons take to the stage launching into favourites “Kill Your Own”, “If I Could” and the delicate “Avalanche”, not to mention crowd pleaser “I'll Find You” which has the eager mosh pit in ecstasy after the first milliseconds of its monumental beginning . The loss of guitarist Paul Townsend in 2006 left many wondering how Hundred Reasons would develop, but the addition of Ben Doyle from The Lucky Nine gave the band fresh direction with which they recorded Quick the Word, Sharp the Action. However, whilst only a few songs were played from the new record, single “No Way Back” was well received and confirmed that, for their fans, Hundred Reasons are still making great music.

Lead singer Colin Doran's magnificent stage presence, energy and superb vocal abilities qualify him as an enviable front man, and he never misses a trick turning even a muddled arrangement into a comedy moment, laughing and joking with the wide eyed, adoring front row. The band swing effortlessly from surreal, even ethereal harmonies to heavy riffs and epic build ups whilst sweaty blurred faces mouth the lyrics word to word back to them in appreciation.

Hundred Reasons might be in the background for the Enter Shikari tour, but they will always have die hard fans who will follow them wherever they will go, even if this does mean mingling with the day-glo clad masses. They can also rest safe in the knowledge that they bought tickets because they love Hundred Reasons' music, not just because the NME told them they were cool.