65daysofstatic, Youthmovies, Tired Irie

James McDonald 29/10/2007

Tonight, in a venue previously graced by bands such as Biffy Clyro, 3 acts who are easily making some of the most exciting noises on the not-so-underground movement. This movement, once restricted to only the darkest and smallest venues across the country, would tonight be out in the open, albeit infront of a sea of students, most of whom seemed somewhat bemused by the fact tonight's headliners didn't have a singer. Not that that made any difference...

Tired Irie opened proceedings in front of a sizable crowd, most of whom seemed far too polite to clap after each song -"We are in a uni, right?!" The Lecister lads carried on regardless, armed with offbeats and impressively gyrating hips, with flagship tracks such as "Sumerian" and "Terra Firma" dancing out like Foals' darker and slightly estranged older brother. This, the second time I've caught Irie live, and the second time they've left me wanting more. Tease! If they were a girl, I probably wouldn't bother, but as they're not I picked up a copy of their EP Try Harder instead.

So, then, to a disgruntled Youthmovies, battling with sound engineers on work experience but still managing to impress despite not being able to hear anything onstage. "It's not going well and it's not going badly" Andy sang, to which Al sarcastically replied "yeah right!" mid-set. It failed to dishearten them, however, which was just as well considering this was the opening leg of a tour which would see them in Belgium the following night. Displaying tracks from their debut full-length, the release of which is set for March, the band, feedback aside, proved exactly why they're at the forefront of our new musical revolution.

And finally 65daysofstatic, veterans of the scene, let their experience shine through tonight, building up patiently from the beginning before roaring into the wall of noise only this band are capable of producing live. They opted mainly for songs from new album The Destruction Of Small Ideas, whilst including some of the new materiel they've spent the last few months working on, all of which sounded equally impressive. For those who have not seen this band live, it is an experience that this writer has some task putting into clear words, so I shan't bother. What I will say is that 65days, like the two acts before them, are a force you need to make an effort to see. If you don't, like me, you will always have the feeling of "missing out" on something special, every time they pick up their guitars and you're not there to witness it.

The roots of the DIY ethic on show tonight have been consuming the underground for sometime now, but only recently have we been able to see the flowers emerging above surface. Tired Irie like roses, sharp and beautiful, with Youthmovies like daisies - linking together laces of music. And 65days? A giant sunflower, towering over all others with bright petals of musical perfection.