The Wombats

Paul Cook 09/12/2007

This is the best kind of venue to see such an energetic band like The Wombats. Small, compact, intimate and a truly awesome sound quality, the Norwich Waterfront tops them all in the East. Packed literally to the rafters with not a spare square foot to stand electro funk/punk rockers 'Cage the Elephant' provided the raucous, energetic support.

After a relatively short stint from supports Cage the Elephant, The Wombats, Liverpool's latest indie success graced the stage to give one of the most energised, on-the-nose performances one could hope for. Kicking things off with their well-known, infectiously catchy 'Kill the Director', The Wombats proved throughout the night they not only write, albeit strange, charming lyrics but also possess a great talent for entertainment. Short speeches and chats on-stage did begin to tire as it was clear there wasn't quite the material for a headline tour yet, but overall every song was performed fantastically well and the atmosphere stirred up in the over-capacity crowd was electric.

Personal favourites 'School Uniforms' and 'Lost in the Post' were performed particularly well with the crowd soaking up every word and syllable. It was truly surprising the amount of songs that the crowd knew every word to. The hit 'Let's Dance to Joy Division' obviously went down best but by far the best reception was reserved for the new track 'Moving to New York' due for release on January 14th next year, which was incredibly energetic. The whole night was your typical indie band gig with that little something extra provided by the most talked about Liverpool three-piece for some time.

A few months back when supporting the Holloways, The Wombats stood out as a band to experience live and since have perfected their show further with their wonderfully child-like lyrics and powerfully simple riffs and rhythms. Highly recommended for a fantastic night out. See them for a tenner while you can, tickets are likely to rocket after New Year