The Fullertons

Matt Churchill 06/11/2007

The Fullertons are riding on the crest of a wave. The band are catching the ears and eyes of A&R men at various labels and are starting to create a strong fanbase on top of their loyal local following. Playing at London's Social provided an intimate platform for the band to showcase new material to a packed, hot and sweaty crowd in the tiny venue.

The muggy atmosphere, it almost felt damp, was thoroughly cut through by a band who are getting better and better with every live performance. Dave Chanell, the band's quiet-offstage can't-take-your-eyes-off onstage frontman draws attention to the band with his unique dancing, fully in touch with the faces on the ground looking upto him with awe.

Opening with the 'Where You Going To Now', the raucous lead track from their debut EP of the same name, The Fullertons crashed out of the stage and set fire to the venue. 'Rule Of Thumb' followed with the band's retro sound coming to the fore in 'Lonely Eyes'

With new songs aplenty in the set, it would be easy for the crowd to switch off and wait for the songs that have been well worn into the Watford quartet's live show - but this was not the case. Indeed 'Hopeless Romantics' and set highlight 'Carlos The Killer' were two of the best received songs, the latter being a dynamically driven song with a slow verse, manic chorus and lunatic of an ending - superb.

'Drink Through It', with it's easy to dance to chorus will stick long in the memory, as will 'Halfway Out' which gave the audience the perfect lead to set closer 'Find Your Own Way Out', a song about working in Sainsbury's and getting out through the power of rock and roll.

The Fullertons have a great collection of songs that embed themselves into your conscious and refuse to budge. The new material proves that the foursome have the ability to consistently churn out instantly accessible tracks which can grab the attention of pretty much anyone who hears them and relentlessly hold on for dear life. Astounding.