Ernest Frank 07/02/2008

The Good Ship in London's North West Six, probably has the most alternative vibe for gatherings in Kilburn. This is well suited to the eclectic mix of new talent that descend into it's slightly surreal stage and dance floor space like mini gladiators with six-string axes.

Tonight it's a selection of newer wave bands strutting their stuff. First on, Penny Racer's Last Journey power through a psychedelic punk set as if it really was a joy-riders last speedy thrill. More an individual twist to a tried and tested formula than formula racing...

The Ukulele Gangstas are a bright addition to the planet's entertainment. Glam bling hippy space cadets with a fine array of highly entertaining scuffle-pop songs, they are very new, but already the stuff that cults are made of.

Another early-days-but-promising outfit are up next. Killerwaves seamlessly fuse beat driven power rock and the unwordly sound of a theramin to great effect. Again, there's something setting them apart from being just another good guitar band and it would be interesting to keep an ear on them.

Considering that the headliners come from Hull, joined the bill three days ago and played a mile away the night before, they've got a fan club along. GST Cardinals are on the road, sleeping in their van, living the (budget) rock'n'roll life 24/7 and the real - fresh-faced-pop - deal on stage. Charismatic bratty energy fuelled into big songs; the Cardinals are ripe for early attention.