The Kills

Ross Cunningham 16/04/2008

It's an Old Firm derby night and Glasgow is buzzing with football fever. However the action at Celtic Park isn't the only attraction tonight and no I'm not talking about the god awful “Courteeners” at the QMU but the fact that “The Kills” bring their own brand of distinctive fever to the Oran Mor. I arrived at the venue at about half past seven and it was practically empty, with no sign of support band “These New Puritans” I retreated upstairs to the bar to have a pint and watch a bit of the football. While sitting at the table I found someone had left a Metro and splashed all over the front page was a picture of Jamie Hince and Kate Moss arriving in Scotland. The media circus was definitely in town with a throng of photographers milling around the place trying to get that lucrative snap. The venue started to fill up as “These New Puritans” played and by about 25 to ten chants of “Kills, Kills, Kills” could be heard ringing around the Oran Mor as the crowd grew impatient for the pair to take to the stage. Five or so minutes later Allison snuck on unassumingly followed shortly after by Jamie as a projection screen played various clips behind them. Starting with the telephone beeps of "U.R.A Fever” you're instantly hit by the fact that “The Kills” sound even better live than they do on record.

The set largely showcased the new album with tracks like “Sour Cherry”, “Tape Song” and “Alphabet Pony” all bringing their own flavour to the evening. Soon to be new single “Last Day Of Magic” didn't disappoint and was just as catchy and trance inducing live. They also played a few older tracks like “No Wow” which sounded like a big fuck off freight train ripping through the venue and as they played the first chords gigantic cheers went up from the vast majority of the audience. Also included from “No Wow” was one of my personal favourites (probably from past bitterness) “Love Is A Deserter” which made Allison look even more attractive as she sang, while “Monkey 23” gave a taste of debut “Keep On Your Mean Side”.

The now customary one microphone dual singing between the two of them obviously provided good material for the photographers as they flashed constantly as the pair sang. Allison was shaking furiously during some of the songs while the heat of the lights and energy of the performance must have got to Jamie as he sweated profusely throughout. The Velvet Underground sounding “Goodnight Bad Morning” was a great way to bring the set to a close, as Allison sings calmly “what a beautiful state we're in” you instantly believe every word. I've read a few hysterically funny individuals saying when asked about what they think about “The Kills” that they like the drummer, well the truth is they don't need a third wheel introduced into the mix. “Hotel” and “VV” are doing just fine by themselves.

I understand some people might be put off by the “Moss” factor and the tabloids new found love of hounding Jamie but believe me “The Kills” themselves are definitely all about the music. I read the next day that Kate Moss was worried about the number of people on the guestlist for the gig, so I just want to say thanks for letting me on your list Kate it's much appreciated. Oh yeah and if you're wondering Celtic won the football 2-1 with a 93rd minute goal.