Slow Club, The Wave Pictures

Lee Puddefoot 31/03/2008

Standing elbow to elbow in the front- room size venue for an unmemorable solo performance from Alexis Taylor of Hot Chip people nod in appreciation without every really getting excited. And after he leaves the stage the room thins out a little for The Wave Pictures.

Modestly dressed in t-shirt and jeans they straddle the line between the maturity of GoodBooks and the charming qualities of Absentee. Front man David Tattersall allures the onlookers with his good natured crowd banter. Vocally reminiscent of a cross between Brett Anderson and James Walsh, his distinctive voice swoons around and in-between songs such as the stalkerish 'Long Island', although quite a worrying lyrical content his acoustic guitar makes it a very warm performance. With added violin it gives the songs a grandiose grand quality that nods towards British Sea Power's eccentricity.

The first night of a 3 week residency Slow Club (aka Charles and Rebecca) take the stage and are instantly loveable, the former with his cheeky Colin Murray resemblance and Rebecca windswept straight with her Summer of Love ensemble.

The fact is they are irresistible. It's indie pop in its most primal form. Sitting somewhere between 60s girl group pop and country it has oh ever so sweet melodies and songs that hook you from the outset. With a drum kit set up Rebecca stands throughout the performance as she takes on joint vocal duties whilst she hits anything in her vicinity; cowbell, tambourine, tom and even a chair.

They sing, they smile, swear, they laugh at fluffed lines and premature ends and every time the audience laps it up and joins in. Never has mistakes looked so charming, and these two could probably quite literally get away with murder. Not that I'm sure they'd do such a thing, they're far too good at throwing around poppy masterpieces such as 'Me and You', 'Apples and Pairs, 'Because We're Dead' and 'When I Go' to do that. Twee it maybe but for me, its love at first sight.