Paul Cook 25/05/2008

“Grindie” (Grime and Indie) outfit Hadouken's debut album Music for an Accelerated Culture is an enjoyable-enough record blending grimy lyrics and vocals with electro-indie instrumentals. This is certainly music aimed at a younger generation of rebellious young teens striving for a musical identity. Hadouken's lyrics embody this and the crowd packed into the Cambridge Junction, laden with glow-sticks and hoodies were evidence of such a statement.

Supporting Hadouken was David E. Sugar, a DJ from London whose night it wasn't. After two sub-standard dance tracks from his laptop, technical difficulties struck and ended his night early only for him to exit amidst an onslaught of boo's, glow sticks and various other projectiles. Following this Swedish DJ group Slagsmalsklubben were next up with their euro-techno dance stylings. Again, a disappointing supporting act for Hadouken who proved themselves to be excitingly original and passionate.

Lyrically Hadouken are certainly not the Shakespeare's of contemporary electro-indie. If anything, the band should re-assess their lyrics and look to produce something aimed not just at their 14-year old target audience. However, the band did put on a good show, with their adrenaline-fuelled stage presence and surprisingly on-the-nose vocal delivery making for a lively performance. This said Hadouken remain an acquired taste and when compared with competition in both the indie and grime genres there are far stronger acts out there.