Rival Schools

Kev Eddy 11/06/2008

It's been six years since Rival Schools last played a note onstage together in the UK. What can they do over half a decade later? Are they still relevant in the world of My Chemical Romance and Bullet for my Valentine, or will this prove to be just another flawed reunion?

No chance. Hearing the opening chords of 'Travel by Telephone' is like a breath of fresh air through the soul. All four band members are visibly overjoyed to be back on stage together - albeit fuelled by an admittedly partisan crowd - and proceed to roar through their enponymous album and a few new treats. While the reception of one or two new tracks is somewhat lukewarm - at one point requiring the crowd to be shocked out of its torpor with a blistering 'Hooligans for Life' - ultimately it's all about showing that Rival Schools still have fire in their bellies.

And fire they still have. It's with a euphoric 'Used for Glue' and a promise to return soon, that they leave the stage to a rapturous reception. It seems like school's well and truly back in for the foreseeable future.