Test Icicles

Jennifer Roberts 28/11/2005

'Streets filled with smaller minds, hey you'

Like the Hoff or Swayze, way back when, this is true old-skool cool. A random assortment of noises, sounds and bright lights (turn 'em off/turn 'em off), fused with their own brand of nu-style retro hard-core, or however you want to pigeonhole it.

The infamous day-glo pink guitar changes hands almost as fast as Rory Aggwelt delivers his riffs, picking up a twisted funfair tune, backed with the caustic howls of Sam Mehran. Switching between a frenzied attack and a desultory breakdown, his vocals drip with distorted guitars like a Magic-eye for the ears. And I don't know if it helps, but singer Sam E to the Danger is in NME's Cool List, and rightly so. Those in the audience without an ironic haircut are already making a mental note. Raaary and Dev Metal were robbed, equally deserving of a place if tonight's display is anything to go by. Glossing over the drumming hitch, their unconcerned faffing and irreverent banter keeps the pace suitably charged and eventually the brazen crowd engage with the recently released singles 'Boa vs. Python' and 'Circle Square Triangle'.

Sam E Danger sings to the back of the stage like a petulant child in the middle of a tantrum - banging away on the drum kit, before superfluously collapsing in a heap at the foot of the stage. But this works to his advantage as the crowd fall over each other trying to take it all in. Not giving a damn, he offers to take anyone in his line of sight. Living up to his moniker by challenging the indifferent crowd and dedicating the following tracks to 'all the hermaphrodites in the room'. As a few hecklers realised, there's no point even trying to mess with the anarchy - you'll never survive.

It's a muddled den of iniquity they cohabit and ultimately the crowd wanted more of the same, but surely change is good. Throwing caution and 80's poses to the wind, and piling on the effects, they aren't here to impress instead generously allow you to observe them in their natural habitat. You should be thankful.

These boys know it even if you don't (yet). Turn it up to 11.