28 Costumes, The Kingsize Five

Lee Puddefoot 03/07/2008

With their recent single 'Erika' you would be forgiven for thinking that 28 Costumes were just another indie pop band. But as the four piece (and no costumes) take the stage, they immediately rip into a set of tight ball-bursting rock. Taken aback, you realise that all the melodies are there but sunken beneath the cracks of the big fat jagged riffs and rhythms. As they sweat and throw themselves around the stage they have a certain resemblance to fellow scousers Hot Club de Paris. The stop start rhythms and aggression make these an unexpected but hugely appreciated surprise.

Squeezing all ten members on the tiny barfly stage The Kingsize Five look like they've barely got the room to breath let alone rock out. But room and space seems to matter little to this frantic bunch of swingers and they don't hold back before dropping the likes of 'White Light Fever' and 'I Am A Missile' on us -ridiculously irresistible swing stompers. Swaggering at the front of the stage, king Lounge Lizard Jamie Wortley leads the charge with his cool vocals.

Despite the bad sound quality coming from the microphone he persists in getting everyone in the room moving, occasionally joined in vocals by two lovely ladies who take turns to take the lead. It was like drowning in a sea of brass, jazz and swing - and judging by the excited dancing in front of the stage, the Barfly clearly loved every moment of it.