The Chalets

Thomas 19/11/2005

Brother, sister, you need to be saved and don't you know it. This life of "jerky" indie rock and humdrum Keane-playness has made you look for something to believe in. So you search everywhere for a hot young five piece that sound like every sixties girl group ever being run over by a combine harvester driven by a lipstick-smeared Iggy Pop and Marc Bolan, their hands wriggling down each others pants and you just can't motherfucking find one. Tear-stained and defeated, you dejectedly reach for the Embrace album. But wait! What's that heart-shaped spotlight up in the sky? It's the call for The Chalets, three parts boy, two parts girl, four parts harmony and ALL superhero!

You like? Well this band combine all the above with keyboards, glockenspiel, clever arrangements and insanely catchy songs that make you move your hips and smile like you haven't smiled since your last snowball fight or your first kiss. With four microphones up front, Pee Pee and Pony take centre stage and dance like the Supremes, Enda and Chris flank them on bass and guitar while Dylan stays back out of the spotlight and drums flawlessly. Irresistible sass-pop songs like 'No Style' and 'Sexy Mistake' from lovingly designed album 'Check In' make the girls at the front dance, the boys don't want to look like losers so they dance too, the front three rows all dance and it's the Concretes discovering the B-52s, it's the most fun you'll ever find in a Barfly, and it's possibly the best gig all year. Recommended like sex and chocolate.