65daysofstatic, Youthmovie Soundtrack Strategies

Liam McGrady 26/10/2005

If someone stumbled into the suitably industrial looking Rhythm Factory right now, not having prior knowledge of 65Daysofstatic, they would surely be taken aback. Right now, both guitarists have ditched their instruments (which are still leaking feedback) on the floor and started, mad professor like, to flick switches, twiddle knobs and jerk about violently. The impact of this sight and sound (Drum & Bass beats and electronic madness ala Aphex Twin) could lead a random observer to believe that they'd come across one hell of a dance act. For one guy in front of me, in a fairly inebriated state, it's all too much. When Joe Fro and the other guitarist who's name I don't know, pick up their tools of choice and wreak distorted havoc, the said man covers his ears and sways around as if in a daze, looking, hoping, and praying for respite from the aural battering - and it does come. There are brief lulls where all that is heard is the gentle pinched harmonics and all that is seen are people holding their breath in anticipation, but then the cyberspace Mogwai-like riffs of 'Retreat! Retreat!', 'Hole' and 'Radio Protector' from new album, 'One Time For All Time' kick back in and lead to a mass of throbbing heads and uncontrollable limbs.

Earlier on Youthmovie Soundtrack Strategies, I thought, had tore the place up with their Math/Prog/Space age rock, but as good as 'Ores' - with it's 20 sections in 4 minutes including a disco breakdown - and 'A Little Late..' - an epic trek through beautifully intricate arpeggio's to monster riffage - are, tonight 65Daysofstatic destroy the place.