Bombay Bicycle Club, This July, Sol Diablos

Emma Jackson 25/08/2008

The legendary King Tuts is always a firm favourite with bands from all over the world. However, it was London lads Bombay Bicycle Club's turn to shine here tonight.

Playing alongside them were two other bands more closely connected to the Tuts roots, Glasgow -This July and Sol Diablos. First on stage were This July, the four piece from Glasgow opened with A Fool's Week; this catchy, in-your-face tune certainly blew the small crowd away. The boys put on a fantastic show, hardly stopping for breath with lead singer Kunal panting away in between tracks as he tried to talk. The guys looked like they truly belonged. New track Chapters showed everyone just what the boys are made of, this track displayed what talent lies within and what is yet to come.

Sol Diablos were next to strut onto the stage, entering the stage looking as if they owned it. Lead singer Alex looked like a Kurt Cobain wannabe. The first song saw the lead singer tapping his throat as if he was struggling, whilst the rest of the band did their best to battle on and played superbly. The husky voice was bearable to a point, but it was when Alex gyrated his hips, I couldn't bear it anymore and escaped to the bar.

Top of the bill were Bombay Bicycle Club. Aged 17 and 18, they started to play and people were in shock at how amazing this young collective were. They look mad and act it too but the music they produce is simply legendary.

Frontman Jack Steadman jumped about the stage as if he was a puppet, making the crowd warm to him instantly. Tracks such as Pedestal and Ghosts were simply fantastic.

Everyone left Tuts on a high, but at the same time confused -by the way the bands were arranged! But the talk of the night was the Bombay boys. As I left, I couldn't help overhearing a punter say, "Man why aren't those boys signed up?", and I would have to agree. WHY?

Look out for the names mentioned here because I am telling you they will be somewhere in 5 years time!