Robots in Disguise

Rhian Daly 24/09/2008

Deep in the cavernous arches of Shoreditch's Cargo venue, there's an electro riot going on. On stage stand two girls dressed in the finest explosion of glitter, cat suits and loud patterns, flanked on both sides by two homemade robot dancers. Aided by drummer Kat with some added visual tactics thrown into the mix, Dee Plume and Sue Denim know how to put on a show. With three albums under their belts they have the ability and opportunity to pick and choose a set list crammed with crowd-pleasers.

Tonight, it's all about the dancing. Turn it Up starts off slow but intense, before morphing into a jumping shake off of all inhibitions, The Sex Has Made Me Stupid grinds lustfully whilst a transformed version of the Kinks' You Really Got Me gets the first few rows in a state of delirium. Whilst RID are on good form, throwing themselves around both on and off stage, it's only really a handful of the audience in front of them that are actually going for it. Maybe it's the curse of one member dating a certain celebrity comedian, but it slightly detracts from the atmosphere when only three rows of people seem to be enjoying themselves.

Nonetheless, the girls sparkle (in more ways than one) and when they pull out such irresistibly catchy tracks as The DJ's Got a Gun and I Live in Berlin, they even manage to start a mini stage invasion. Unfortunately, the show ends soon after, with only enough time for the duo and their metallic friends to come back to end with Voodoo, one of the highlights of their sophomore record Get RID!. Still, as Dee and Sue run off stage and the audience piles out of the venue, there are only positive things to be heard echoing around the east end streets, dripping as heavily as the sweat from the brightly coloured spectators' clothes.