Luke Hannaford 01/10/2008

Touring the UK to promote the release of their eponymous debut album, Ladyhawke have nothing to do with 1985 film and are not to be mistaken for a Canadian band of the same name. For those who know her, Pip Brown is the star of Ladyhawke. Pip is now based in the UK writing her wonderful songs. Many of us may have heard of her
Singles Paris Is Burning and Back of the van. She has a distinct style very similar to 80s music, with influences such as, Human League, Duran
, Pat Benata and Siouxsie Sioux. Pip, originally from New Zealand, came from a musical family, her father being a drummer and her mother
a singer. This has obviously infused her with natural musical talent.

For those who like 80s style pop or electro, I can guarantee you will definitely like Pip's aka Ladyhawke's music. There were a few hardcore fans but the majority of the crowd had just turned up for a night out, as they were still selling tickets at the doors. Although a lot of the crowd didn't know Ladyhawke they did seem to thoroughly enjoy her performance. Something with 80s style, but refreshing after all of this indie mainstream music. A few of the fans gathered at the front of the stage. Personally my favourite song from her debut album must be My Delirium. When
Ladyhawke played this song, it was not just the fans but everyone who started to dance and get stuck in with the crowd. There was loud cheering and applause as Pip AKA Ladyhawke rounded up the gig with her newest single Dusk Till Dawn. Many not knowing Ladyhawke will have definitely gone home with something to talk about at work. Hopefully to help spread the music of Ladyhawke!