The Spinto Band

Mike Mantin 03/10/2008

It's been almost two years since The Spinto Band played a glorious (and probably typical) show at Bristol's Thekla, in which they bounded across the stage and shouted into their shared microphones. A heartwarming sight in a world of bored-looking indie bands, they looked like they were genuinely enjoying themselves. Making a more low-key return at a venue half the size, they're clearly eager to make up for last time to their more loyal Bristolian fans.

This time around, they have a new set of hyperactive pop songs from the recently-released Moonwink. The album is by no means a crushing disappointment, but they don't quite match the instantly loveable melodies of its predecessor Nice and Nicely Done (awarded five gleaming stars by GIITTV), something confirmed by the rapturous reception given to oldies like the unmistakeably kazoo-laden 'Brown Boxes'.

If anything, however, their stage show has become even more energetic and enjoyable. They make the most of the tiny stage, occasionally throwing in some breathtaking synchronised jittering. And they've clearly got more on their minds than just throwing themselves about the stage: the singing and sound quality is far clearer and tighter than the Spinto Band we last saw in the UK.

They have another great trick up their sleeves, too: their trademark surprise cover. Introducing it only as a 'spage-age song', tonight we get a version of The Tornadoes' 'Telstar'. Delivered perfectly, it's ridiculously good, and the band's enthusiasm for it only makes it more entertaining, especially bassist Tom Hughes, who bops from side to side to the song's simple bassline with a massive grin plastered on his face. It's a perfect coda to all that whimsical indie-pop, and makes us all hope they won't leave it another two years to do it again.