The Automatic

Emma Jackson 03/10/2008

Friday night, beginning of the weekend and what better way to start it off - going to a gig! I headed to the Garage where the Automatic were playing. To my surprise, they were
In fact playing the smaller venue down stairs and around the back!

The support band did their best to get the crowd in the mood, but I don't know what was up with everyone. They stood about yapping away to each other pint in one hand and other in the pocket! My mood was starting to deflate a little. The electro-disco-punk-rockers (that's a mouthful) came on to the small stage, crowd still looking as if they had just woken up. The Automatic are renowned for jumping about like
absolute head cases, and they did try there best. If they could have had a medal for effort, they certainly deserved it.

Older tracks from the band's first album got the crowd a little
involved, but nothing like I had expected. Even when their biggest hit to date, Monster, came on, it was only the lighting engineer in the corner who looked as if he was having the time of his life, unlike the rest of the crowd.

Newbie Paul Mullen, showcased his excellent talent and to me he seemed to fit in perfectly, giving Mr. Patrick Swayze a run for his money - moving those hips and body just like the dirty dancer himself, using his guitar as his partner.

The band's sound was on form all night. At one point the
band introduced a photographer who had been following them around the UK for years, and they invited him up on stage. Turning his back to the crowd for the whole song, I felt a bit robbed. This Guy's been given this great chance to show his hidden talents and I can't even see his face! I wanted to shout, Turn around, but the fear of everyone knowing it was me outwon over my boldness!

A cover of Usher's Make Love in this Club was an interesting choice for the band to cover, giving it a little bit of an emo/punk twist. Not bad at all. Newer track Steve McQueen was the only song I feel that had the crowd singing along.

The guys have been away for some time and I feel that people have forgotten all about them. They will need to continue to tour and bring out numerous singles in order to get noticed again. A fine gig, it was, however missing something. I don't know if the crowd being that little
bit older didn't help, not that I have a problem at all, but I think a younger crowd would have injected some life and soul into the gig.