Kasms, Micron63

Rhian Daly 01/10/2008

Stood on stage in the corner of the charming Windmill is industrial electro trio, Micron63, swathing the small audience who've gathered tonight to pass their judgement on yet another fresh and exciting line-up put together by promoter Spoon Of Music. Warming, fuzzy beats and bleeps are the order of the day and projected visuals add more depth to proceedings as the group set about putting each and every one of the crowd into a trance, hypnotising them with These New Puritans meets Aphex Twin sounds of the city.

Fantastic though it is, it's also a depleted line-up tonight as Bury St. Edmunds' Thee Vicars are no longer able to play, so instead the night moves ferociously into Kasms' headline set of goth-punk, or 'shriekbeat' as they like to describe themselves. A health warning should probably be included before the Dalston quartet start as they're not for those with a weak heart. Sporadically throughout the set, singer Rachel Callaghan jumps off stage and runs at spectators, screaming in their faces or molesting their faces whilst pushing them back with her head, all of which leads to some very bemused and uneasy audience members. There's more to Kasms than making people feel uncomfortable though, as shown through the brutal renditions of Taxidermy, Siren Sister and Toil & Trouble. It's dark, ominous and a whole lot of fun for both band and fans - or those without a pacemaker, at least.