Beardyman, Trash Fashion

Andrew Heron 20/09/2008

Trash Fashion opened in a mushroom cloud of crowd hysteria, with their fresh-faced fans soon breaking out into an impromptu conga on the dance floor. The foursome continued to bouncily thrash through a plethora of kick-ass tunes, including Night of Errors and classic Rave Dave concluding with a tongued-in-cheek mash of We Are Your Friends. The audience and I would have loved to squeeze another 10 tracks out of the lads.

A brief 2-on-1 in the dressing room afters exposed a more intimate side to some of the band; whom prophesized about future success, the dream of owning a string of sex shops in the West End and how one day they'd quite like to be either combine harvesters or armadillos. These young squirrels are acridly kawai. I could have eaten them all with dashings of balsamic and pepper.

Trash Fashion's single Night of Errors is out now, followed by the album release, the aptly titled Nights of Error on 20th October. Go forage for it or just play with yourself over their myspace. Better still - see them live at one of their explosive gigs.

Already an established stalker of this fine gent, my moistened drawers were in desperate need not to be deflated. And so Beardyman opened, slamming down a remix of Satisfaction and onto Marley's Sun Is Shining. This bionic-voiced hu/manoid never fails to give me a stiffy. He never loses his touch or makes any audible mistakes, even though there's a little bit of your inner sadist that would like him to fuck up, just once. The crowd loves him.