Disturbed, Shinedown

Emma Jackson 07/10/2008

Disturbed have been around since 1996 and have made a major impact on the metal music from the start. It was Glasgow's turn to see how the fathers of metal performed. The Carling Academy was full of a very mixed crowd from young children sporting the long locks and black metal t-shirts to those hardcore who have been fans from the beginning. As the lights went down, an almighty cheer emanated from the crowd, emerging from the mist on stage was front man David Draiman. Pushed onto the stage, looking like he had came out of the Hannibal lector film, mask and all.

Bursting straight into song, the band performed from the minute they came on to the minute they left. At points I felt the drummer was too loud and overpowered Draiman. They certainly got the crowd going 'let me see those devil hands in the air' shouted Draiman, and that they did every single person shoving their hands in the air. It was like being part of a cult, every person in the Academy hypnotised by the band

'Indestructible' is the latest album from the band. The title track along with Inside The Fire had the crowd jumping up and down and banging their heads. Older tracks such as 10000 Fists and Liberate were definitely crowd pleasers. I am still humming along to these songs, in my head; this is a definitely the sign of a solid rock band. The varied members of this crowd were united in their passion for the band, one guy showing more love than others dancing madly like the lead singer of Korn. Hands were moving faster than Michael Flatley's feet during river dance, he was certainly feeling the music.

Disturbed obviously think hard about how their show is going to come across, from the lights that are synchronized to each drum beat to the way the band move like they're choreographed. They pumped energy and it didn't deflate for the entire show. With such experience in a live arena, Disturbed certainly know what their crowds love.

A different style of music compared to what I would normally watch live, but having witnessed these fantastic musicians and performers, my opinion of them changed slightly, in contrast to what I thought before. I didn't put my hands in the air along with the other metal heads, but maybe next time I might nearly be tempted to chant along with them.