Funeral for a Friend, Cancer Bats

Paul Cook 03/11/2008

Having just released their fourth album Memory and Humanity Funeral for a Friend have recently embarked on a 4four month UK tour spanning the width and breadth of europe and America. On this evidence Funeral for a Friend are certainly a hard-working band - further example of this was the near two hour set performed at Norwich Waterfront.

Opening with firm fan favourites Bullet Theory and Rookie of the Year, two classic tracks which demonstrate, even for this critic whose tastes lean more toward the pop and electro styles of the indie genre, an enviable vocal, lyrical and instrumental talent. Drummer Ryan Richards possesses a lightning fast rhythm and the ability to add in small drum solos at will. Each song was performed with precision and expertise with the band's extensive professional musical experience paying dividends time and again.

Juneau also went down a storm with the capacity-crowd, reinforcing the common claim that Casually Dressed… was the band's first and best album. Hours classics Recovery and All The Rage were unfortunately omitted from the set list and lead singer Kris Coombs-Roberts was a tad too talkative on the night, interjecting between most tracks with useless information or band-to-crowd drivel. Aside from this the performance was on the nose with new material from Memory and Humanity proving popular. In particular Kicking and Screaming and Rules and Games, two of the heavier tracks from the latest long player, were highly enjoyable.

Funeral for a Friend have proven themselves in recent times to be contenders in the heavier end of the alt-rock genre and live they certainly pack an impressive punch. Tried and tested vocals and a line-up of talented musicians make for a hugely pleasing act to witness live.