The Others, The Rakes, The Ludes

Rachel Cranshaw 26/01/2005

The London music scene is currently in the best shape it's been in years, with a host of raw, honest and completely electrifying bands springing up everywhere. Among these are The Others. Fronted by controversial smart-guy Dominic Masters, they are here tonight touring their much awaited self-titled debut album.

Also ones to watch for 2005 are support acts Ludes and The Rakes, who both take us through exciting sets, leaving the crowd in high spirits awaiting the headliners. Top indie photographer Andrew Kendall has even put in an appearance, and prowls around snapping happily away between bands. Eventually The Others take to the stage and launch into current hit 'Lackey'. The legendary '853' fans go wild, and there is stage diving aplenty.

They storm through an exhilarating setlist, with songs telling tales of friendship ('William'), overdose ('How I Nearly Lost You'), and much more. Previous single Stan Bowles is a touching tribute to beautifully talented yet untamable Babyshambles/ex-Libertines front man Pete Doherty and also said QPR footballer, whilst 'Johan' is a gorgeous dedication to Dom's boyfriend. And 'This Is For The Poor' portrays The Others usual message of being a people's band, for the working class 'not the rich kids'!

To prove this, when the band leave the stage, everyone is invited to the after-party which is at the venue. The Others have also proved tonight that they are already one of THE bands of 2005, and their rumoured festival appearance will definitely not want to be missed.