Lady Boys Of Bangkok, Comedy

Alex Skinner 26/10/2008

Rating: 3/5

Dashing on stage cabaret style, the 16 ragtag lady boys graced the stage with their endearing presence.
The show is a surreal, techni-coloured adventure through the most camp songs known to man. The standard premise of this strange debacle is tongue in cheek innuendo on one hairy, man hand. On the other manly hand is the aesthetics of miming songs with rapid costume changes. Those lads sure know how to party.

Luck Be A Lady
At one point a duet took place with a single performer on stage dressed half male, half female. By turning sideways to perform each duet part, this was a stand-out feature being pleasing on the eye. The sheer amount of extravagant costume changes boggled the mind, managing to mince through songs from: Pink (in the style of club singer Shirley Bassey), Spice Girls, Britney and The Village People. Their ability to scare the be-Jesus out of straight-laced men in the crowd was second to none, dragging them onstage to man-handle outside their comfort zones.

Man Oh Man
When all is said and done, the gentlemen certainly know how to bust a dance move with their skills of acrobatic robustness and professional stage presence. Each lady boy having a tried and tested approach of shaking their money makers with more pop-culture tunes a-plenty. Including: Grease Lightning and Shania Twain Man, I feel like a Woman (So obvious, so subtle, so ribald, so genius!) and all that kind of caper.

Overall, the show runs out of steam only telling you what you already know about Lady Boys. It is the fact that they are throwing it about and sticking their crevices right in the faces of middle Britain, making them take note.