2 Thirds of Youth, Paige

Emma Jackson 30/11/2008

The music scene in and around Glasgow is getting bigger and bigger every year but 2008 should be the year of 2 Thirds of Youth who have rehearsed, gigged and toured for the majority of it.

Having toured with the likes of Furthest Drive Home and Kill the Arcade, the band are certainly getting around. Not only have they toured with some of the UK's best new talent, they have also played alongside bands who have gone onto amazing things such as You Me at Six, Houston Calls, Saving Aimee and fellow Glaswegians Flood of Red.

Nearing the end of a fantastic year, the lads play Ivory Blacks on a foggy and bitterly cold Sunday night. The weather seemed to keep most people inside, but for those who did come along they certainly got a wake up call from frontman Scott Croll. His energy is amazing and he has a general stage presence that's never deflated throughout the set.

The band holds a small collection of classic pop-punk rock tunes, with the band playing all on form. 89, a firm favourite amongst the fans, which the band made a small budget music video for in one of Glasgow's nightclubs the Arches, had everyone bopping along.

Playing one of their new tracks, which had a much heavier feel for them, was a good choice and a step in the right direction. The band bring everything you would want out of a band, including catchy choruses, little rap-alongs, and a range of screams and roars which simply contribute to their quirkiness.

When they played one of the most catchy lines from their song How's it hanging death, I looked around and everyone was mouthing the words back. As the band finished their last song, everyone was full of praised claps.

2 Thirds of Youth have gone from strength to strength over the past year, playing more and touring has helped the band become a close-knit circuit. All I can say is 2009 better watch out - the lads will be all over the place!

You can catch them at the Cathouse on the 12th of December with Farewell City as well as back at Ivory blacks for another great Glasgow band Landon's E.P launch. On the 17th of December, tickets costing 5.

Go listen to them at: