Those Dancing Days, Sky Larkin

Rhian Daly 24/11/2008

Following sets from the local macabre cabaret assailants La Shark and Yorkshire's finest Sky Larkin, the bar has been set high for visiting Swedish all-girl quintet, Those Dancing Days. Not that that seems to faze them though, as they skip on stage seemingly without a care in the world. Keyboardist Lisa Pyk Wirström appears oblivious to the crowd in front of her, instead losing herself in the music, throwing her arms (and entire body) left, right and centre - in an entirely graceful manner, of course.

If you've heard the girls' debut album In Our Space Hero Suits, you'll know just how fantastic these ladies are on record. Live they're no different, flawlessly recreating the sound you've heard pumping out of the speakers in your bedroom. Not only that, but they're also the most charming and endearing bunch, perfectly encapsulated when front woman Linnea Jönsson dedicates Home Sweet Home to the London crowd, revealing that she and her friends always feel like they're home when they arrive at Heathrow. Other highlights include the previous singles Hitten and Run Run, as well as album track Discho. Leaving the stage briefly, much to the crowd's dismay, TDD don't take too long to reappear, finishing the show off with a euphoric rendition of the eponymous track that is their anthem.

Linnea mentioned at the start of the set that she couldn't see the audience but hoped we were smiling - if the über-sweet synth-pop on display tonight doesn't make you grin like a lunatic then there is something very, very wrong with you!