Rhesus, Carmen Rosa, Plastik, Evenings,The

Liam McGrady 10/02/2006

Rhesus played their last gig tonight. I could leave it there because it kind of doesn't matter what I say now; they've split up; don't need a review. But on the other hand, there's a case for documenting these events, although to be honest, I'm not sure I'm the person to do it. I'll give you the reasons why. Firstly, I am acquainted with some of the band, and as the late great Lester Bangs once said, “never become friends with the band”. Secondly, I'm not the biggest fan of Rhesus' music; I admire their energy and err… other stuff, but some of the tracks sound a little too Offspring like for me. I wish I had a third reason, but I don't. So the band played, people loved it; frontman Jim didn't break any guitar strings - I reckon that's enough documenting from me; someone else will do a far better job. Earlier on some other bands played so I'll tell you a bit about them.

The Evenings are another of these bands who are trying something different. No six string guitars, just a bass, drums, keyboard and electric double bass. Uniformly dressed in white shirts and black ties (although they could be blue ties; a really deep blue), the keyboard makes the sounds of a guitar through a barrel full of effects pedals, and the rest of the band make a pretty bassy, brooding backing (as you'd expect from the two basses). They're sort of poppy Post-Rock, but I can't help but think that a guitar or two would be nice (then again I always think that). Plastik are a bit of a blast from the past, not that they're actually an old band, just that they sound like any number of Britpop bands - Suede mainly. And that's not too bad a thing considering they're well drilled and have a singer who has a little of Thom Yorke about his demeanour and a voice full of clarity. And lastly there's Carmen Rosa; a band who are generic alt rock in an American style - like the sort of music you find on a guitar magazine demo. They do hint at something interesting when one song finishes with a psychedelic outro, but overall they don't catch the attention of the packed Purple Turtle.

I'm sure you can feel the ambivalence running through the above words so I won't go on for much longer. Integrity in the music scene is a rare thing. Bands swap musical styles more eagerly than the eagerest beaver if there's the chance of being signed and the amount of sycophantic supporters for some groups is staggering. Tonight was enjoyable; the crowd and atmosphere was one of the best I've been a part of. But I can't bring myself to say that the music on offer did anything for me. Integrity is where it's at.