The Killers, Bloc Party, Kaiser Chiefs, The Futureheads

Marcus Tandy 09/02/2005

The NME eh? Do the kids still listen to them to find out what's cool in this interweb age? Perhaps not but I think this yearly tour, and the various other nights in London let those who don't go to many gigs see these new hyped bands for themselves. And all in one easy to eat package to boot. I went to the Brixton Academy myself last night to catch all these young trendy bands the kids are into. And I didn't have to go to New Cross. So onwards and a quick thrust forward for a guide to these four music press 'tips for the top'.

THE KAISER CHIEFS. This band are ruddy brilliant. They came on at practically lunchtime but already the Academy was rammed to the rafters with the kids going bonkers at the front. I watched from the back though, looking cool like the indie veteran I am. The 'Chiefs were a cross between Blur, David Bowie, Dexy's Midnight Runners and The Boomtown Rats. Brilliant eh? They have proper tunes and songs, none of this 'lets thrash at our guitars and shout some meaningless slogans indie rubbish'. The Kaiser Chiefs could the future. The singer is a little on the chubster side though. If he loses some weight they have a career. A jolly good start.
Rating: 8.5/10

BLOC PARTY. I really thought I would like this lot as one of their old EP's got me moving. My giddy aunt though, they are dull and pedestrian live. All the 'New Cross indie types' have been on for eons that Bloc Party are blistering live. If they are they must only be suited to small venues. They are lost at a place like The Academy, the mood went down quicker than Abi Titmuss. So much so that halfway through I had a chat with a bloke in the toilets about the potential smoking ban in London (we didn't agree). The front man has great presence (and he had a fantastic scarf that I now really want) it's just such a shame he sings a bit like Roachford at times. The rest of the band are rubbish though. They could be Dave Burton, the dull bloke you sit next to at work. And all the songs sounded the same. Having a black singer has really helped them to get noticed (a rarity in the at times, almost racist, white middle class closed shop) because they are no different to countless other bands I have seen at 'The Bull and Sprocket' or 'The Dublin Cottage'. The fact that their single is number 5 in the charts proves how gullible the public are?

THE FUTUREHEADS. This band are pretty fab actually, a bit retro perhaps and they do wear their influences on their sleeve a bit too much. If you want a band that are a cross between The Jam and The Specials - and one with good sing-a-long tunes then these are the boys for you. They got the whole crowd really going last night with everyone clapping and singing along. I didn't expect this as I had been told they were image over substance. Tell that to David Bowie. The Futureheads make Franz Ferdinand look like the bunch of talentless twerps they are.

THE KILLERS. Brandon Flowers is god! All good bands need a good frontman and in Brandon The Killers have the best. He has really good hair, a handsome face, a superb pink jacket, great shoes and fantastic ties. I also love his sparkly keyboard. And Brandon does ace little dance moves. If I could be someone else I would be Brandon Flowers. I'm not gay but I'd be tempted. He is the first proper rock star for years. Also their drummer is BRILLIANT! He wears a really nice suit throughout but he drums like a demon. And the bassist wears tank tops and the guitar player has mad hair. They are a bit like Blur at their peak in that each member has their own personality and look, but yet (and here is the important bit) they look like a band. And they are from Las Vegas, just how cool is that? Their light show amazing too, it says 'The Killers' in massive letters, with bundles of different colours. The new songs are ace beyond belief as were all the songs from 'Hot Fuss' (their NUMBER ONE album). After David Bowie, Carter and Morrissey, The Killers are the best live act I have seen. Though there was one bad thing - why can't people sing along to songs in their head. If I wanted to pay to hear some fat, drunk idiots shouting I would go and watch Spurs. Apart from that - ace.