Shinedown, support

Emma Jackson 23/01/2009

Gothic rockers Shinedown descended into Glasgow once again following their great success touring with Disturbed during 2008.

King Tut's legendary venue was filled with eager fans. As the crazy looking members strutted onto the stage, the place erupted into a large roar.

Having made a great impact in the music industry in the States, Shinedown were eager to please and show Glasgow what they were made of. And that they did! Belting out tracks such as Lady so divine and Save me from their older albums that first brought them to our attention way back in 2001.

With a new album under their belts, the band played some newer material to see how the fans would react to it. Fans seem to love everything the band do, so Devour, the band's latest single, had everyone singing along, and going mad!

Lead singer Brent Smith, the frontman was, as ever, wearing all black and oozed charisma and drive. The band's energy was electric and didn't deflate at all throughout their set.

Jumping around here there and everywhere the band were fantastic to watch.

A great way to get a Friday night started with a bit of old school rock and roll.